Shenyang Hengjin S State Of The Art Vacuum Furnaces Adds More Feathers

In the arena for vacuum furnace requirement, starting from metallurgical industry, to atmospheric sintering, and chemical coating, products of ShenYangs are highly monitored, very pedantically designed, and delivered as promised with agreed upon conditions including third party inclusions. The products broadly can be categorized into five divisions. They are- Vacuum Brazing furnace, Vacuum Heat Treatment furnace, Vacuum Sintering furnace, Vacuum Hot Press, Vacuum Melting furnace.

In critical heat exchanger industry, it is imperative that the output is of razor sharp precision. ShenYang Hengjin has continued to push up its learning curve, taking each order and delivery cycle as an unique case study, and go about the production process as a cross functional team. The vacuum sintering pyrolysis furnace is of special mention here. Since it is used for the removal of silicon compounds and ceramics, the company offers all three types of loading, that is, upper, horizontal and bottom.

Also, the vacuum annealing furnaces are of very important mention here. In an industry marked by stringent adherence of strength of materials and its mechanical and chemical parameters, there is no other way than to ensure the annealing is done in the correct environment and temperature. It is PLC controlled, with automated temperature controller inside the furnace. However, it can also be workup upon in the manual mode. It is made considering not only product accuracy, but also in avoiding operational hazards.

The delivery facility of ShenYang Hengjin is very good and it takes very short time. The logistics of the company is perfectly streamlined and under control, so as to ensure hassle and delay free road, rail and ocean freight.

About ShenYang Hengjin Vacuum Technology Co.,LTD:
This company specializes in development and manufacturing of different vacuum equipments. It was established in 2002 with 50 million annual sales. This company has immense knowledge in vacuum furnace industry. ShenYang Hengjin Vacuum Technology has its own marketing department technology centre, after sale service centre and workshops also. To know more, visit


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