You start talking about NBA Live 18 Coins

You start talking about leaving? The line waiting to NBA Live 18 Coins boot your tail out will get longer.SIGN UP FOR OUR NBA NEWSLETTERGet news, links and Ziller’s #hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning.WELL THAT’S GOOD: Markieff Morris showed up to Suns media day … and smiled!SOMETHING ELSE I TOTALLY BELIEVE: DeMarcus Cousins and George Karl claim their relationship is solid.REMINDER: Sasha “The Machine”

Vujacic is on the Knicks roster. This is not a drill. And apparently he was the team mascot at media day.FROM THE “I’LL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT” DEPARTMENT: Kobe says he’ll end his career with the Lakers.GOOD MEDIA DAY, NBA!MONEY AIN’T A THING: Why David West gave up $11 million to join the Spurs.THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING? Mike Miller really appears to be interested in signing with Denver.

I can only think of one reason.SNEAKER WAR II: Adidas is back and trying to knock down Nike. Matthew Shaer of GQ digs in. Via REDEF.STEPH CURRY IS AWESOME: Part The Infinity.ALSO AWESOME: JOHN F’N WALL. John Wall surprised a D.C.-area homeless children’s charity with a $400,000 donation to help build a new child development center. What a hero.BULLYBALL: Seth Partnow with some interesting data on how certain bigs feast on smaller opponents at the rim, and how some feast on everyone.WEEKLY MUST-READ:

David Aldridge’s Morning Tip. Lots of Ty Lawson and Caron Butler this week.NEAT: The Do Something campaign is urging folks to collect used sports equipment and donate it to kids who Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins cannot afford their own equipment. This is a much better idea than leaving it in your closet or selling it at a garage sale to another human who will just put it in their closet. Find out more at

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