Celebrity at Home: Casey Wilson

Actress and comedienne, Casey Wilson, has a lot going on these days. Between acting, writing, being a mom of two-year-old son, Max, and with another baby on the way, her schedule is full. But Casey is managing it all — and more — as she continues to make her home a place of both style. Casey sat down with us to discuss her decor style and how HomeGoods has helped make home hers.

Q: What room does your family spend most time in?

Photo by: Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

A: This rec room is where we spend a ton of time as a family, especially when it comes to spending time with my two-year-old son Max. This is where we do everything: host playdates, we have his Spanish class up here — very LA! — and just lounge around and watch TV. I also throw my infamous Oscar parties in this room where we all get together with snacks and watch the awards. It’s an honor not to be nominated.

Q: Speaking of parties, how would your guests describe your parties?

Photos by: Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

A: We love hosting parties and one of favorite components to switch up every time is our drink of choice. I always make signature drinks and name them after people; my favorite drinks to serve are rosé and margaritas. My husband and I also love to use a lot of colored glassware like these cute vintage-y ones from HomeGoods, which look great on display but also allow people to be continuously helping themselves to drinks.

Q: When you are hosting an event, what is your overall style?

Photo by: Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

A: I like to keep it light and fun when we’re having people over so I go for more of the bright pops of color like red, blue and teal. I actually discovered this bright red ice box at HomeGoods and am in love. It’s the little things that make my heart sing. Our parties aren’t over-the-top fancy; my biggest focus is that everyone is comfortable and has a good time. One thing I always do is put out a place setting at the table for Oprah, just in case she shows up. As of yet… she has not.

Q: Well, while you’re setting the table for Oprah, we’ve heard you have someone else that you’re expecting… a baby boy! With your second son on the way, what did you envision in the new nursery?

Photos by: Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

A: When we started decorating the nursery, I wanted to lighten it up with neutrals and add in some teals and greens — like this cute rolling shelf I fell in love with at HomeGoods — to make it a little more boy-appropriate. Nurseries don’t need to be too gendered, I’m partial to a more gender-neutral look. I also wanted some artwork in the nursery that went with the color scheme, so my talented friend Nick actually picked up these great frames at HomeGoods and painted a bunch of pictures for the baby! I’m thrilled, it’s just nice to have such personal touches in the space.

Q: What is one important thing to have in your home for spending time with your kids?

Photo by: Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

A: I love reading with my son Max — we love cozying up and reading before bed every night; it’s kind of our nightly ritual. So I wanted to make sure I had a great space in this room to sit with the new baby too. Honestly, this leather chair was such a find at HomeGoods and it’s incredibly comfy! Looking forward to all those nights of sitting with the baby and snuggling, reading, crying — you know, all those things a mom does within the first four months of having a newborn.

Q: What is one of your favorite areas of your home?

Photo by: Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

A: I love our balcony, which has such great views of Downtown LA. We created this little vignette with this incredible find from HomeGoods — because, I guess who doesn’t need their own floating wicker egg chair??!!

Q: When you are in HomeGoods, what are some of your favorite sections to visit?

Photo by: Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

A: I love pillows. Honestly, the pillow aisle at HomeGoods is heaven on earth – I literally walk down it and am like, ‘HomeGoods, wrap me in your loving arms.’ Also, the entertaining section has all those amazing touches that you never knew you needed (and I probably don’t need, ha) — I’ll usually pick up things that I like right then and there, even if I don’t have a party coming up — I store everything in pretty storage boxes so it’s ready to go when I need it.

Between being a super cool (and laid back) hostess, decorating a new nursery, and balancing Hollywood-life, Casey makes it all look easy — and fashionable — in her everyday life and beautiful home, with lots to celebrate — cheers!

Photo by: Matt Harrington for HomeGoods

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