Development of Freelancing in Ukraine


More and more Ukrainians prefer to move from the category of regular employees to the category of freelancers. For someone, this is an opportunity to freely dispose of their time, for others – the first step to creating their own business.

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According to the results of recent years, Ukraine remains the leader in the freelance programming market, fulfilling a third of orders falling on Eastern Europe. Especially successful at the remote developers, designers, copywriters – those who have in-demand skills and self-discipline. In a win all – freelancers decently earn “without a binding” to the employer, and customers receive high-quality services without additional costs and difficulties. As an example, I can cite the thriving web development company – WebiProg, which has firmly taken up positions in the field of ecommerce web development.
Freelance format is a format of cooperation, suggesting that the customer hires a company or person to perform a specific task, which may be in another city or region.

You can also assess the positive aspects of the work:
First, freelancing reduces costs. Freelancers help get rid of the greater half of costs associated with equipment jobs, leasing additional space, etc. In addition, they are often more effective than staff in the state, because the payment is for a specific job, not for the time spent in the office. Of the pluses, it is worth noting the lack of social guarantees, holidays and sick leave.
Secondly, if we compare the cost of freelancer services and the cost of these services from other companies, we can see a significant difference in price. It is important to note that the low cost of freelancing services is not due to a loss in quality. The reason is that the cost of the product or services of the company is strongly affected by the costs that affect the final price – office rent, advertising, staff salaries, etc. These costs are not available to the freelancer – hence the lower price.
Thirdly, to find a freelancer to perform a task simply and quickly. It’s enough to publish a job on the freelance exchange, and free freelancers will respond by offering the cost and terms of the work. In this, too, there is an important advantage of freelancing – on the one hand saving time, on the other – the opportunity to choose the best option from dozens of offers.

 You can expect that freelance will continue to strengthen its position in Ukraine, which means – employment, rational allocation of companies’ budget and reduction of business expenses.

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