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Get bonus prizes based on the average rarity of runescape gold for sale your last five with Gemerator – including a unique cape, crown, necklace, and an all-new gem sack cosmetic.The Gemerator is active from 00:00 UTC on 16th March until 23:59 UTC on 20th March. Read on for full details!

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How Does It Work?

Open Treasure Hunter chests as normal, and you’ll start to see a rarity history appear at the side of the screen.

Once the five history slots are filled, you’ll be able to claim an additional prize – of a rarity equal to the average of the five slots.Please note that the additional prize will go straight into your backpack when you claim it.Don’t like the level of prize you’ve got? Keep opening chests and find the rarity level you’re after.

By starting off with smash, you are disabling their protection prayers for the upcoming combo to deal maximum damage. Assault is a strong instant damage and Dot, which then stacks with Slaughter’s Dot. Kick is only needed if you can’t pull off the “click lure” (clicking on your opponent’s square as you attack, which makes them reposition) to trigger the 3x DoT. All together this stacks a huge amount of damage and can be followed by CC and more damage abilities to finish your opponent off.There are equivalent combos in the Ranged and Magic tree which use the same Dot mechanics in order to stack up huge burst potential,Another great combo to use, which is one of my person favorites, is to:Natural – Instincts (any basic ability) – (Ultimate of your choice)

For the sake of simplicity, this article will be focusing on giving examples in melee form, but each combat style has directly equivalent abilities with slight differences and damage type modifications. There are some abilities from each tree, such a surge (teleports user 10 meters ahead) which can be used purely as utility regardless of combat type being used.

You can find a complete ability list with ability details here:Getting the Right Burst Combo:The best way to K.O. somebody and win a fight is to save your burst combo until they are relatively low health, giving you the greatest chance for you to kill them before they can react. There are a couple of well-known ability combos that stack damage nicely and can be used to both debilitate and damage your target.

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